Apricot Wheat

ABV: 4.6%, Bitterness: 19 IBUs, Color: 4 SRM

This American-Style wheat beer is one of our most popular and also a great choice if you are new to craft beer. Wheat and barley are combined with Willamette hops and apricots, giving it a light and fresh fruit refreshment.  This beer is a perfect drinking companion on any occasion.

Broad Street Brown

ABV: 5.4%, Bitterness: 27 IBUs, Color: 25 SRM

Special-roasted and extra dark barley combined with three kinds of hops give this brown the perfect blend of bitterness and malt character. If you think you don’t like dark beer, you haven’t had our signature brown ale.


Tashka Double IPA

ABV: 8.6%, Bitterness: 76 IBUs, Color: 7 SRM

Our robust double IPA is full of flavor and hoppy goodness. Brewed with generous amounts of Warrior and Centennial hops, we give this brew two more dry-hop sessions of Centennial and Columbus to ensure plenty of citrus aromas.

Lock 17 IPA

ABV: 6.2%, Bitterness: 64 IBUs, Color: 12 SRM

An IPA worth bragging about! This is a classic American-style IPA that is brewed with 2-Row, wheat, and a combination of special roasted grains. Filled with Columbus, Willamette & Cascade hops, this favorite is then dry hopped with more Cascade hops to create its tempting citrus aroma.


Crimson Ale

ABV: 5.2%, Bitterness: 22 IBUs, Color: 20 SRM

Indulge in the true taste of an Irish Red.  Packed with English malts and roasted barley, this ale is bursting with toasted flavors and just a hint of sweetness to the finish.

T-Town Pale Ale

ABV: 6.0%, Bitterness: 36 IBUs, Color: 6 SRM

Named after our Title-Town, Roll Tide, this Pale Ale is a champion in its own right. Using a blend of El Dorado Hops gives this beer a tropical fruit aroma and leaves just a hint of hoppy bitterness on the smooth finish

Bama Blonde Ale

ABV: 5.1%, Bitterness: 19 IBUs, Color: 5 SRM

Great if you are beginning your craft beer experience or have just finished a hard day on the bike trail. This beautiful golden-colored ale is smooth and easy-drinking with just a bit of citrus. It is low on hops but full of flavor.

Strawberry Blonde

ABV: 5.1%, Bitterness: 19 IBUs, Color: 5 SRM

This summer seasonal is a customer favorite! Perfect for those sunny afternoons, this beer combines the crisp refreshment of our Blonde Ale with the sweetness of ripe strawberries!

Belgian Red Rye

ABV: 6.8%, Bitterness: 19 IBUs, Color: 18 SRM

This Belgian specialty ale has the addition of rye for that tingly, almost spicy finish. Orange peel & cinnamon sticks add layers of complexity that leave this beer so flavorful you’ll be tasting a different spice with each sip.


Black Warrior Oatmeal Stout

ABV: 5.6%, Bitterness: 27 IBUs, Color: 38 SRM

A pitch black Oatmeal Stout with hints of chocolate and a nice roasted character. The smoothness of this will surprise you and make you coming back for a second. Make sure to try this one on our Nitro tap when it’s available!!